Godless. Anti-Religious. Anti-Freedom.

Ben Hagin is a leftist extremist who thinks “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is propaganda. 1

He’s compared Christianity to Radical Islam. 2

Ben called supporters of Religious Liberty “small minded bigots. 3

He thinks we need to start taxing Churches and Pastors. 4

He wants to write our laws, even though an arrest warrant was issued for him for failing to register his vehicle and then not showing up in court. 5

He supported Bernie Sanders and wants government run healthcare that will cost trillions of dollars. 6, 7

He’ll raise taxes on Missouri families, even though he’s been delinquent on his own personal property taxes. 8

He thinks drug dealers deserve a break and should receive softer penalties. 9

Ben’s campaign is supported by unions that support Obamacare and open borders. 10

Hagin’s Posts

Too Extreme for Missouri

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